GTA 5 Console Version Also Gets a version of PC’s Video Editor

A couple of exclusive at this time exclusive into the PC form of GTA V are heading to PS and Xbox [consoles], Rockstar has uncovered.

In a recent Questions and Answers published on its site, Rockstar explains a series of supporter queries, as well as fans requests to carry Personal Computer attributes on consoles. The feature console owners want the most isRockstar Editor, which is a very powerful video-editing tool that can be used for creating rich and amazing video clips of their gameplay. Rockstar told us that it is working really hard on a version the editor for current-gen platform that we can expect to see in upcoming months [probably a month or two].

GTA Online’s heists, which is a quick way to generate cash, however some players have discovered themselves not having anything else available they would like to buy. For those of you people, Rockstar is focusing on “another update not far off that may feature some very great newer gadgets for you yourself to have fun & basically getting most out of GTA.” The screen grab above is reported to be a teaser of what is to come. [Read more…]